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Priz Tats is proud to present Aurora Memoria, the latest release from digi-wunderkind and Manhattan producer DV-i. Brilliantly showcased as the soundtrack to an interactive Visual Novel, Aurora Memoria is a 5 song ultra-concept EP full of lush, digitally-quantized bellscapes punctuated by samples, sweeps and FM blips. Set in the neutropic, hyper-evolved megalopolis 'Fuji City,' this interactive Visual Novel-written by Callie Beusman-is an inspired new take on a medium colloquially referred to as the 'dating-sim'.

Aurora Memoria allows the player character up to five divisive plot courses which wind their way through a multitude of rich CG and vector-illustrated backdrops and character designs complemented by nuanced dialogue and branching plot arc. A concept release to its very core, DV-i's Aurora Memoria material format will be equally as stunning. This interactive release will be loaded onto a 4-gigabyte Secure Digital (SD) card with custom printed decal and housed in a 3d printed, thermoplastic case--this, of course, all designed by DV-i as well.

"Aurora Memoria is a comprehensive multimedia exploration of science fiction, japanese anime, corporate audio-logos and the studio ghibli-blue-and-green optimism of a Sony-developed speculative lifestyle. Punctuated by the very real fears of a post-climate change, mass data-culled surveillance society, Aurora Memoria is fused together by a combination of IDM, Japanese Technopop, drum-n-bass and Yamaha digital synths (with a sprinkling of fictionalized teenage angst)."


Aurora Memoria Philosophical Data Session: 2093 will be available throughPrizTats.com September 24th, 2015.


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Aurora Memoria (Windows)
Aurora Memoria (Mac/OSX)


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Amazing read! I loved the characters as much as the visuals and the soundtrack, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cool and short novel.


This looks amazing! Can you please make a Linux version?

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Hey I just donated but the download doesn't work, can you pls fix the link? I really wanna play this

edit: Thanks for the access!

i really want to play this game but the download link is locked. what should i do?

I'm having the same issue. I requested access to the Google Drive link.

hi! Sorry about the wait, but the links have been changed and are accessible!

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Hey I extracted the game to my Google Drives, but how do I set it up to actually play? I'm new, and I hope that this isn't too late to get a reply.

hey there! you'll download the zip file from Google Drive to your computer, extract the contents, and go into Aurora memoria-win\AMTestGame1-win and just run Aurora Memoria.exe.


hey, thank you, sorry for not replying sooner

What is this game about? The long description doesn't say anthing about the plot or characters. 

play it, i recommend it! 


Wanna get more informatiooon. 

Will I be able to date AIs or aliens? Will it be fun or truly unconventional ? Me need motivation. :I

Ok ok, you can date an ai, a cute boy and a cute girl, the music is superb, the aesthetics are on point and the overall story is very interesting! You need to get all routes endings if I recall correctly to access the true route or something like that, it's been a while since I played it but I will give it another go on account of finding it again. I play a lot of visual novels and otomes, and I don't usually remember them as much as I remember this one. I even made fanart of one of the characters! I truly think it's a must play, it's a quality game for free. If you need more endorsement than that let me know haha, I really hope you can give it a try and like it as much as I do! 


Thank you! *hugs you and run away with the game*

Ah I remember now, I think the suggestion was to leave the girls route for the end of something like that haha.

i'm in love with this game💖 

i wish it was longer ,but still everything is amazing the music the story wow thank u so much (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

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Hey! I can't get the Mac version to work. Every time I try to open it it just disappears off my taskbar. The first time it verified and asked if I wanted to open, but nothing of the sort since then. What now? I'm on Mojave if it makes a difference.

I really want to play this, but the download isn't working :( Oh, and a  question! What font are you using for the preview icon? I've seen it in a bunch of y2k style media, and I've always wondered where it came from!

Hey sorry for the late reply! We're switching out the link today. And as for font, I'm not 100% sure, maybe some version of Times? Thanks for the interest!

Hi! Apologies for the delay, but the download links for Aurora Memoria have been updated and now work! Gonna get the OST bundles back up and running later today.

Also the font is blur B)

Finally got the game! Thanks for working so hard to keep this lovely piece of art avaliable! Thanks for the info on the font too! You're great people!

I know this game is a bit older, but the download for the Windows version is no longer up.

hi @fishypresident we just fixed this so it should be good to go!


YES! Nice catch! And thanks a ton, we appreciate the support (^_^)